Responsible Commitment

Sustainability Approach

Responsible Care® is a commitment program implemented by the Chemical Industry all over the world on employee health, technical safety and environmental protection, energy efficiency, resource use and sustainability. This program was launched in Canada in 1984 and came to Europe in 1989. In our country, it has been put into practice under the coordination of the Turkish Chemical Industrialists Association (TKSD) since 1993.

Responsibility is one of the efforts to direct the complexity that emerges in the changing world to development. This effort is the process of creating a common culture between businesses and societies. In other words, Responsible Care is an interdisciplinary approach that must inevitably be implemented and developed within the globalization process.

The 8 basic principles of Responsible Care Practice are as follows;

COMMITMENT: A signed commitment by the organization’s top management to comply with the guiding rules of Responsible Care.
APPLICATION RULES AND APPLICATION GUIDE: Guidelines and application guide for organizations to fulfill their commitments.
PERFORMANCE CRITERIA: Developing performance criteria to monitor continuous improvement in measurable areas
COMMUNICATION: Constant communication with relevant parties inside and outside the organization on Environment-Health-Safety issues
INFORMATION SHARING: Seminars, meetings, etc. where organizations can share their experience, practice and knowledge. activities
LOGO: Creating a logo that defines the national program and is compatible with the concept of Responsible Care
PARTICIPATION: Seeking ways for all organizations to commit to Responsible Care
VERIFICATION: On-site observation of measurable components of Responsible Care

Eralp Kimya has signed the Responsible Care Commitment, which is based on volunteerism and emphasizes the sensitivity of organizations operating in the chemical industry on environmental, human health and technical safety issues, and has taken its place among the leading organizations implementing this program.

You can contact our Customer Services department for our Eralp Kimya Responsible Care Commitment.