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1K Primer Filler

NF-110 1K PRIMER FILLER – is a professional-grade, 1K nitrocellulose primer that offers good filling properties, ease of sanding, and smooth surface quality. Its elevated spraying viscosity allows for application across various film thicknesses, ranging from normal to medium and high, providing flexibility in usage. NF-110 suitability for use on putties and old coatings, along with its quick drying time, makes it an efficient choice for quick repairs. NF- 110 is in three colors: black, white, and grey. By mixing these three colors in the proper ratio, primer is obtained, providing the best hiding power for enamel.


Art. No.


Net Filling


1/1 0,8 L. 6
K13070110XX 1/1 1 L. 6
K13070110XX 3/1 2 L. 4
K13070110XX 3/1 2,5 L. 4
K13070110XX Drum 18 kg. -