Our Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy

As an institution responsible towards our planet, society and our customers, we act with the awareness of environmental responsibility in all our activities.

Our environmental approach, which includes the effective use of resources, respect for the environment, waste management and reducing the impact of our activities on the environment, is supported by training activities that strengthen environmental awareness for our employees and suppliers.

Eralp manages its environmental performance with practices that will set an example for the sector, beyond fully complying with the rules set by laws and regulations. Thanks to Eralp Kimya Environmental Management System Policy, we effectively implement our services and activities and constantly improve them by reviewing them.



It is important for the whole world to ensure the sustainability of water, which is one of the most basic resources for life, to use it efficiently and to take the necessary precautions in this regard.

Our water operations; As one of the most important elements of sustainability, resource diversity is managed within a holistic framework, including the issues of efficient production, efficient consumption and the character of wastewater discharged to the receiving environment.

As Eralp, we implement special engineering solutions to minimize the amount of water used in our production processes and reuse water in accordance with our quality standards, and we steadily reduce our water consumption.


As an extension of our production principle that respects the world, the environment and people, we focus on reducing waste at its source, separating it, storing it, disposing of it and recycling it as much as possible. We dispose of waste that cannot be reduced, reused or recycled, in line with environmental legislation, taking into account human and environmental health. We implement the necessary measures in all our facilities to prevent leaks and spills in terms of soil and water health. Within the scope of our “Environmental Management System”, we provide training to all our relevant employees about waste management.


We carry out all our activities with the awareness of our responsibility towards the world’s resources, the environment and our consumers. According to our process, efficient use of energy is as important as uninterrupted energy supply for the continuity of our operations. In this sense, we carry out special studies on our own production equipment and processes, especially regarding energy efficiency.
With systematic energy management, supply, efficiency, climate change and other related environmental impacts are managed together. Today, when climate change affects the whole world, the reflection of this issue on the business world brings with it processes that directly affect companies. Eralp Kimya evaluates climate change within the framework of the risks and opportunities it brings and continues its operations with legal practices.