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2K 5+1 Acrylic Primer Filler

NF-112 2K 5:1 ACRYLIC HS FILLER – is a premium quality, 2K high-build acrylic filler designed for professional automotive paint and refinishing applications. Its high solid content and versatile spraying viscosity make it ideal for a wide range of film thicknesses and surface preparation needs, providing flexibility in usage. Characterized by its ease of processing, NF- 112 delivers a surface of exceptional smoothness, accompanied by a short drying time and remarkably easy sandability. NF-112 provides extra adhesion and flexibility to various substrates, ensuring a strong bond and a durable finish. NF-112 is in three colors: black, white, and grey. By mixing these three colors in the proper ratio, primer is obtained, providing the best hiding power for enamel.


Art. No.


Net Filling


1/1 0,8 L. 6
K13070110XX 1/1 1 L. 6
K13070110XX 3/1 2 L. 4
K13070110XX 3/1 2,5 L. 4
K13070110XX Drum 18 kg. -