Sustainability Approach

Our Sustainability Approach


Eralp Kimya has adopted a sustainable growth-oriented management approach that aims to increase the level of welfare by protecting the quality of life of all living things on earth and the environment. For this reason, it has been working to offer solutions that can be beneficial to both humans and the environment with the innovative products it has developed since its establishment.

The main priorities of our global sustainability approach, which supports our vision of providing benefits for generations, are economic performance, product quality and safety, innovation and R&D studies, and occupational health and safety.

In order to ensure the continuity of our financial and operational success and to continue our sustainable growth, we continue our investments in Turkey and the world while diversifying our products in light of consumer needs and expectations. We support local employment through sales and marketing in the countries we are present in and add value to economic development by focusing on activities that will make the success of our brands permanent. In our operations, we work on an efficiency basis, from raw material and packaging selection to production technologies, and we disseminate systems that will improve our efficiency.


Eralp Kimya has adopted a management approach focusing on sustainable growth;

We aim to maintain our financial and operational success by diversifying our products in light of consumer needs and expectations. We see all our partners, starting from our employees, as our companions, and create mutual gain in sustainable growth by making decisions that will contribute to their development.
We work with the belief that everyone has the right to access quality, safe products, and we offer the same high quality in all geographies in which we operate.
In order to maintain the reputation of our company and brands and to ensure the continuity of our business, we adopt a culture of innovation and give priority to developing products with environmentally friendly production.
For a more livable future, we declare that we will show the will to ensure that our understanding of life is more compatible with the planet and our understanding of business is more inclusive, and that we will work with the determination to be a partner in the solution.
Ensuring occupational health and safety in all our operations is our first priority. In this regard, we comply with all relevant local and international legislation and ensure the improvement and continuity of management systems.
We conduct our relations with all our stakeholders within the framework of fair competition and ethical values, observe local and international laws and defend our business.
We respect the rights of our employees and provide equal opportunity.
With an environmentally responsible producer approach, we integrate effective resource use, recycling and waste management into our business culture.
We declare that we will actively contribute to all efforts to prevent climate change.


The Intersection of Our Sustainability Priorities with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

As Eralp Kimya, we aim to be an exemplary company in the field of sustainability management in our country and industry with the principles and priorities we have determined based on our sustainability values and to manage all our processes accordingly. The areas where our company’s sustainability priorities intersect with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations are as follows.