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1K Bumber Paint

NB-510 1K PLASTIC BUMPER PAINT – is a flexible and multifunctional one- component textured coating for automotive plastic surface accents, especially for bumpers. It is used to repair bumpers, trim strips, exterior mirrors etc. and to paint commonly used plastic substrates in the automotive industry. Direct adhesion on cleaned and sanded plastic parts made of ABS, ABS-PC, PP-EPDM, PUR-RIM, PUR, hard PVC (do not adheres on polyethylene and mixture containing it). It’s an all-purpose product to be used either to get a good finish in plastics, or as a primer when they have to be painted. It has a good adhesion and it can be used as a primer for the repairing of bumpers that need to be painted, as well as a basis to increase the adhesion of polyester putties on plastic. In this case, to get a flat finish the product have to be diluted with thinner.


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1/1 1 Kg. 6