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1K Primer Filler

NF-110 1K PRIMER FILLER – is a one-component nitrocellulose primer suitable for application with spray gun under Nitro, Synthetic or single coat acrylic paints. It has good filling properties, easy sanding and provides smooth surface quality. Due to low adhesion to metals and no anticorrosion properties its mainly applied on putties and old coatings. Ease of processing and short air drying time of the filler enable quick repairs. It is in three colors: black, white and grey. By mixing these three colours in proper ratio, it is obtained primer providing the best hide power for enamel.


Art. No.


Net Filling


1/1 0,8 L. 6
K13070110XX 1/1 1 L. 6
K13070110XX 3/1 2 L. 4
K13070110XX 3/1 2,5 L. 4
K13070110XX Drum 18 kg. -