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2K Universal Polyester Putty

NP-790 UNIVERSAL POLYESTER PUTTY – is a multifunctional universal polyester filler with superior filling ability and good sanding properties. Used to even out irregularities on all metals (aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, bare steel). It is also suitable for wood and polyester surfaces. The fine structure ensures a pore-free surface and excellent spreading properties. Dries quickly, perfectly holds the given shape, intented for manual / machine dry sanding.


Art. No.

Size Gross Filling Package
K1307079001 1/2 0,50 Kg. 18
K1307079002  1/1 1,00 Kg. 12
K1307079003  2/1 1,80 Kg. 6
K1307079006  3/1 2,70 Kg. 6
K1307079004  3/1 3,00 Kg. 6
K1307079005  4/1 4,00 Kg. 4