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2K Aluminium Polyester Putty

NP-710 ALUMINIUM POLYESTER PUTTY – is a multifunctional filling polyester body filler with addition of special aluminum powder. It is characterized by high mechanical strength, flexibility and excellent resistance to high temperatures up to 90 ﹾC. Due to excellent thermal resistance it is suitable for those car body elements, which are exposed to significant temperature changes, e.g. engine covers. This filler absorbs vibration, oscillations and reduced shrinkage, as compared to typical body fillers. Easy to apply and sand with coarse and fine sandpaper. It is suitable for all aluminum, bare metal (sheet metal), galvanized steel, wood, SMC, FRP as well as old painted surfaces.


Art. No.


Gross Filling


K1307071001 1/2 0,50 Kg. 18
K1307071002 1/1 1,00 Kg. 12
K1307071003 2/1 1,80 Kg. 6