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2K Soft Polyester Putty

NP-780 SOFT POLYESTER PUTTY – is a multifunctional high quality universal polyester filler which combines the features of a filling and finishing polyester putty. This product is designed for filling smaller or bigger irregularities and hollows before the application of a primer. Easy to apply, flexible, can be spread over large areas evenly and free from pores, easy to sand even after a longer period of time. When applying on vertical surfaces does not flow.


Art. No.


Gross Filling


K1307078001 1/2 0,50 Kg. 18
K1307078006 1/1 1,00 Kg. 12
K1307078003 2/1 1,80 Kg. 6
K1307078010 3/1 2,70 Kg. 6
K1307078007 3/1 3,00 Kg. 6
K1307078005 4/1 4,00 Kg. 4