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2K Micro Fiber Polyester Putty

NP-760 MICRO FIBER POLYESTER PUTTY – is a glass fibre reinforced putty. It contains special cut short glass fiber (3 mm) which gives higher elasticity than normal fibre putty. It has a high mechanical strength and soft sanding properties which makes is suitable for application even on large surfaces. Intended primarily for repairing of tears and dents, and the strengthening of weak spots in car bodies. It has very good adhesion to multiple substrates including iron, aluminum, old paint layers, zinc and fiberglass.


Art. No.


Gross Filling


K1307076001 1/2 0,50 Kg. 18
K1307076008 1/1 1,00 Kg. 12
K1307076003 2/1 1,80 Kg. 6
K1307076004 3/1 2,70 Kg. 6
K1307076016 3/1 3,00 Kg. 6
K1307076005 4/1 4,00 Kg. 4